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October 12, 2021BUY151670.0198%ARKG
October 11, 2021BUY238720.0298%ARKG
October 8, 2021BUY377530.0455%ARKG
October 6, 2021BUY758620.09%ARKG
October 5, 2021BUY120940.0149%ARKG

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19🇺🇸United States
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Beam Therapeutics is a biotechnology company committed to establishing the leading, fully integrated platform for precision genetic medicines. To achieve this vision, Beam has assembled a platform that includes a suite of gene editing and delivery technologies and is in the process of building internal manufacturing capabilities. Beam's suite of gene editing technologies is anchored by base editing, a proprietary technology that enables precise, predictable and efficient single base changes, at targeted genomic sequences, without making double-stranded breaks in the DNA. This enables a wide range of potential therapeutic editing strategies that Beam is using to advance a diversified portfolio of base editing programs. Beam is a values-driven organization committed to its people, cutting-edge science, and a vision of providing life-long cures to patients suffering from serious diseases.

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