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17🇺🇸United States
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$54.51 - ARKG$62.04 - ARKK
intellia therapeutic’s core mission is to develop curative medicines, utilizing the promise of the crispr/cas9 gene editing technology. the development of crispr/cas9 gene editing technology opens a new frontier in biomedical research and clinical intervention. adapted from a natural cellular process, crispr/cas9 permits the editing of any gene in any organism with unprecedented simplicity and flexibility. the incredible potential of this technology for treating human genetic disease inspired a group of life science veterans to create intellia therapeutics. intellia was founded in 2014 by caribou biosciences and atlas venture, along with a consortium of scientists who have helped define the space. intellia therapeutics holds exclusive access to a broad intellectual property portfolio covering the application of crispr/cas9 technology for human therapeutic use. intellia has built an experienced team of individuals to meet the challenges of bringing crispr/cas9 therapeutics to the

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